What is Footpath cancer you might ask? This is more commonly called "Tactile Paving"

In the last few years Auckland city has become riddled with footpath cancer located mostly at electronicly controlled pedestrian crossings, there is a range of color types;

This footpath cancer (Tactile paving) is DARN dangerous when it is raining and the pedestrian is wearing wet shoes. Tactile Plates have the potential to cause injury and humiliation & could be fatal to the elderly.

I never walk on this dangerous tactile paving, I AM ALWAYS TRAINING FOR WHEN IT IS RAINING, My suggestion is you should do the same and avoid it before it gets you.

Examples of Footpath cancer (Tactile paving)

 W3c are strange Yellow footpath cancer.
Bright yellow tactile paving or new footpath cancer.
 W3c are strange Red tactile paving or red footpath cancer.
Red footpath cancer, could be dyed red from human blood, left after someone slipped on it while wet (but I don't think so) Along Symonds street from say Newtown Road - Khyber pass road to Alex Evens street street - Symonds street exit of south bound motorway.
 W3c are strange Faded tactile paving or fadded footpath cancer.
Faded yellow tactile paving or brown almost the same color as the background footpath.
 W3c are strange Silver tactile paving or silver footpath cancer.
Silver dome footpath cancer ~ why I have no idea, this must be about as good as tits on a bull for Visually Impaired Pedestrians, used along Karangahape R (Karangahape road).
 W3c are strange Black tactile paving or black footpath cancer.
They even have Black tactile paving. Black footpath cancer, when will the madness end?

After a article I wrote on the dangerous Karangahape road footpath when it gets wet, the article was shown to a few friends, one of them told me they slipped on this "wet" footpath cancer, another person told me one of their customer went into their lunch bar shop (opposite Auckland hospital) and said how they had a bad slip on this footpath cancer "tactile paving" (they have since sold the shop, (that is not because of the footpath cancer)).