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Butter (Margarine) Salt & Sugar


I have never had sugar added to my cup of tea, I found the taste of tea all right since first drinking it as a young lad. However when I first tasted coffee it was a bit bitter, it was suggested to me to put a spoonful of sugar in with the coffee, .. then another spoon, it still did not taste all that better, so I went for another spoon, and was quickly told "no". As the years went on, while visiting my grandmother other visiting relatives kept saying my teeth would drop out. So I tried something I do not think a lot of other people had tried, I cut back my sugar by quarter of a spoon each week so after a two months I did not need any sugar in my coffee. At first the coffee might seem a bit bitter, but as the week drags on your taste bugs get used of it, until the start of the next week. Since then and for the rest of my life I absolutely hate sugar in coffee or tea for that matter.


The body needs a daily doze of salt but not too much. I was a amused once when I found a website that gave best treatment advice, I looked under “leg cramp” something I used to badly suffer from, The website remedy “Take more salt” Very bad advice in my opinion, some years before that found the advice from a local chemist was get a bottle of Magnesium tablets. I must say those worked just as good as loading your body up with extra salt. But then fortunately I suffered a leg injury and had to visit a physiotherapist, one thing I did got good value for money was when he said “For cramp: Drink more water” and it does work. In fact one discussion with a hospital surgeon a few years latter when the surgeon queried just how much water I drank the morning leading up to a blood test, I said “normally I drink more water, but I was not sure knowing I was about to get a blood test”, The surgeon suggested the urine should be a chardonnay color (or maybe lighter) Which in fact leads me onto another topic. As one gets a bit older, one should get to know all the tricks of the trade on how not to get sick. So why do people get the flu each year? Um because dirty pegs around you cough and sneeze all over you in the winter! Oops sorry that just slipped out. Maybe as the cold sets in we do not keep drinking to replace all the liquid we loose due to body evaporation. So once I came up with that should know the trick of the trade theory, I keep drinking all the water I normally drink during a summer and maybe a bit more, I do not get the flu so much as what I used to when I was younger (and not so younger) but I go to the toilet a lot in the winter. But then maybe I should point out I have never had the flu injection, where as most people around me get the flu injection (need I say more?) and maybe keeping up with drinking more water during the winter is great protection.


(outdated story I used to eat bread using modern wheat, but not now)

Now this is my latest trivial craze. I do not buy butter or margarine anymore. I grew up on butter, that was all we had in New Zealand, it was good all butter taste the same (unlike margarine), that is all salted butter taste the same, unsalted butter taste even better (when it is fresh) but it does quickly go off, so maybe unsalted butter is better suited for larger families. A lot of table spreads could be put straight onto the bread without having butter put on first. Jams and Honey tastes a bit strange but one quickly gets used to it. In fact the first time I tried honey sandwich without butter it seemed horrible, so I took honey sandwiches off my weekly menu list, after a few weeks decided to give it another try and I wondered if I was dreaming on the horrible taste I got the last time I tried honey sandwich. In fact I prefer butter than margarine. Butter only has one taste (or two tastes if you put unsalted butter on your bread)

From time to time I (used to) get a sandwich made up from the local lunch bar near work, now one would think great news for the lunch bar not having to put butter or margarine on sandwiches, it would not only save them time making sandwiches, but also save them having buy so much butter or margarine, Strange how the world is never logical.

Which almost closes of my short rant, but I must add once I was talking to someone about margarine he said margarine is just one chemical away from a plastic bag. I said “what about bread that is a chemical recipe, super soft bread has even more chemicals added in with it” he said bread was good for you, which lead me to think he had only a one track mind. It seems the very first bread that did not have any chemicals added in is very dry and crummy, from what I found on Internet.


OK I lied then with the Butter (Margarine) Salt & Sugar title.
Why not slap this in too on the end, I get amazed by the people who turn lights on during a bright day. I wonder just how these people walk around outside at night, they must bang into just about every power pole they walk near. All jokes aside, one has to wonder just how much extra light there is added to the room, maybe it is just all in the mind, I often walk around in the house at night without turning on lights if I can help it, I think it more of exercising the eyes. Mind you I could be slightly biased here, I used to drink a lot of carrot juice when I was younger.

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