Low data website suitable for cell phones.

Only 9 Kilobytes of data used to download this web page.


suitable for wireless, and the old telephone line dial up.

Thanks to ultra fast Broadband I hate going on Internet now from my laptop with wireless connection, or more importantly cellphone.

It is a real sad 2-3-4 obese saga. Now it basally goes, 2 minutes, 3 websites, 4 Megabytes of data gone..

Thanks to the move from the slow 56K modem telephone dial up to ultra fast, webmasters have gone bone headed.

DO NOT even consider splashing out big money buying a
small hand held appliance like a smart phone for 
connecting to Internet via wireless connection,

because you will pay out even bigger money per year when 
you accidentally just stumble on a few obese websites.

Copper wire and optical fiber connection will be the only affordable method to use Internet if brain dead webmasters get their way.

So why do webmasters love the idea of obese websites BECAUSE IT SUX MONEY OUT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS POCKET (WALLET) , that is if their customer is paying for data used by website visitors. Effectively making internet useless, since obese website have come to be more common, my website visitors has dramatically fallen off, I used to get a visitor each hour or more, now it is down to just half a dozen per day.

NEW ZEALAND should crack down on this practice faster than any other country!

As New Zealand is remotely away from the rest of the world with internet connection if this becomes common practice to design every web site that uses up Megabytes of data instead of the old maximum 100 Kilobytes or so type website then this is going kill Internet “Bandwidth” making even ultra fast internet slower.

Often I hear visitors from overseas saying New Zealand Internet is a dam lot slower than what they have on Internet overseas.

My Website

Title.Data used to load page.
A short story. 26 Kilobytes.
Computer & other tips. 179 Kilobytes.
Links away and Downloads. 22 Kilobytes.
The bus timetable. 100 Kilobytes.
Get those cockroaches. 47 Kilobytes.
A running story. 67 Kilobytes.
The BMI Calculator. 31 Kilobytes.
Karangahape R dangerous footpath when wet. 293 Kilobytes.
Web site feedback. 10 Kilobytes.
The handy Electrical Calculator. 26 Kilobytes.
A Resistor Calculator. 33 Kilobytes.
The truth on logic gates. 159 Kilobytes.
Give your monitor the test. 15 Kilobytes.
TV&VCR tuning notes. 147 Kilobytes.
Sound Conversion. 32 Kilobytes.

$$$$$$ BINGO $$$$$$ , Ho Man! The prize data eating website, found so far at 12:50pm 22th of May 2014.

6.8 Megabytes

of data used up to go to a Telecom page of are you 4G Ready http://www.telecom.co.nz/shop/mobile/whyultramobile/network/ami4gready/ also notice I have not made their URL a useable link, as I am trying to save you data. NO WONDER MY DATA IS USED UP IN A FLASH NOW.

$$$$ BINGO $$$$ , In second place the data eating website, found at 10:52am Saturday 17th of May 2014.

3.358 Megabytes of data used up to go to the homepage of http://techday.com/netguide/ I wondered why when I wrote to them on this topic I never got a reply, also notice I have not made their URL a useable link, as I am trying to save you data. NO WONDER MY DATA IS USED UP IN A FLASH NOW.

How to get the amount of data need to download to get their website page.

Save their web page to your hard drive, then go to the folder, right click and select properties, there you get to see the total data saved add to that the size of the HTML page and you have a grand (Net) total on how much data you just used on internet.

This unfinished emergency“no frills web page” was first made with OpenOffice4, and slowly been converted to my website standards, unlike the rest of the website made with Notepad and a bit more time.

In the mean time if you would like the “low data website”logo for your own website let me know. Via the “Send feedback page”