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   Who cares about Auckland public transport timetables anyway?
   OK, so it had to get fixed.

This web site page went up on the 1st April 2003, sometime between the 24th and 26th of April the bus timetable was moved to the footpath level next to the white bus stop sign seen on the bottom picture.

Ellerslie fountain. space

<= Click the picture on the left to see it in full size.

Since the end of last year 2002 the Bus timetable that stood at footpath level was just shoved in a garden, as you can see above you have to be a good two metres high to read it or hop up onto the garden. While it might sound trivial, it goes hand in hand with all the other public transport problems in Auckland city, such as, you just miss one bus and you have to wait an hour for the next one then two or three buses come along that can take you to the same place, when the timetable could be spaced out a bit better and give a better bus service with the same number of buses. While everybody in Auckland are asking for more motorways to be build, my answer is for every successful bus on the road, that could take out some thirty or forty cars out of traffic queues. The bus timetable above was just near were this photo was taken, before the car park was chopped down and part of it turned into a water fountain (that is turned off at the moment) surrounded by seats.

Who cares about Ellerslie bus timetable.

Another view of the bus time table taken by someone else. The other two photos were taken with a digital camera on a later day. I was right next to the end of the bus shelter to take the photo at the top of the page using a friends digital camera.

A good bus tip:

If you have to catch a bus, Keep signalling the bus until it puts on the left indicator, then you know the driver has seen you or it is going to stop.