A very clear vague recipe for coconut scones...

“How do you make coconut scones?” some people might ask.
I think ‘very strange question.’

Just start with a date scone recipe, but do not put in dates, put in coconut (flake), that is the coconut flake that looks just like rice.

Just make sure you use plenty of coconut or the coconut scones might taste a bit plain. Maybe start with 1 cup of coconut flakes per cup of flour.

Or you could start with a raisin (or current) scone recipe, just do not use raisins or currents, put in coconut instead. GET THE FLOW!

How sad I do not eat any scones anymore (along with bread, made with flour from the modern (c??? (inferior)) wheat developed about the 1950’s), but if I did find coconut scones I would be very keen to try one or two. Whatever scones you make try making them with “Spelt” four, then it is less likely to clog up your intestine, but you have to make a complete break from the generally engineered wheat (99% of what bread is made of) for about a month before you see the results and your toilet visits are closer to 24 hours after meal times from the previous day.

Now for the bonus:
While the coconut scones are cooking they give off a great coconut aroma to the kitchen.

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