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Low data website suitable for cell phones.
low data
website suitable
for celluphones.

This link page is yours "Visitors web sites" Just email and send a short description about you web site, so it can be put on this page, or if you find a web site you think everybody should know about.

NOTE: This web site does not support links to other web site´s that have pop-up type advertisements.

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Excel easy tutorial on the net.


A free dictionary or go for WORDWEB PRO 7 that can do more.

Burn All GIF´S.

To read about GIF to PNG picture format conversions. I am happy to say my web site never missed anything changing from GIF to some other picture format.

Shields UP!!    If you want to test your computer security against attacks.

Try "Zone Alarm" below if your test fails.

The world at night, has 387k jpg composite picture of lights on earth picked up by satellite.
To see what the internet traffic is doing.
To check your Email away from home.
and the Tutor at http://gigliwood.com/abcd/ for the Dvorak keyboard.

Things to download.

While you are reading at the website.
Eudora 7.1, Email program Windows and Mac versions.
Foxit 2.2, A fast opening PDF reader, no more computer freeze up when you go to start a PDF reader .
Gimp 2.4, (gimp-1.2.3-20020310.zip about 9.16 Meg) "GNU Image Manipulation Program", for a number of different operating systems like Linux and Windows, Almost like Photoshop but it is free.
Irfanview 4.1, (iview398.zip 884 K in file size.) Program will convert a number of different picture file formats.
MailWasher 1.33, (mailwasher1329.exe 1.6Meg in file size.) MailWasher is a powerful email checker with effective spam elimination.
MetaPad 3.5 (mpad35.zip download size is 45K) MetaPad is a small, fast and completely free text editor for Windows
Notespad 8.0 (ntspad32.zip .97 Meg in file size.) Notespad has a spell checker a lot of free text editors do not have.
Open Office 2.3
Opera 9.25 for Windows.
Pegasus 4.41, Email program Windows and Mac versions.
Sygate Personal Firewall (spf.exe = 5.03 Meg in file size.) Firewall for your computer.

Then test it with "Shields UP!!" above.

Sylpheed 2.0.1 (0.6.6 = 1.93 Meg in file size.) Email program for Linux.
TClockEx 1.4.2, (tclockex.zip 190 K in file size.)

Bar graph tells you how busy your microprocessor is working and how much RAM is been used.

     If you would like to read a short story, what I have learnt from using this program click here.
ZoneAlarm Version: v2.6.362 (zonalm2601.exe 2.78 MB in file size.)

Then test it with "Shields UP!!" above.