A great ex-TV series is "The FBI"
but get it right, get the FBI series that stars EFREM ZIMBALIST Jr in it, It has a number of great features to it, apart from all the stories are true, there are no dead bodies all over the show, well it least not a overdose that you get from some TV programs.

Also it comes in a "ALL REGION" DVD. I wish more "all region" DVD was sold of the market especially old dead TV series, or should I say dead to be re-screened on TV but worth watching and far more worth watching that the modern crap they screen on free-to-air TV today.

Do not bring your TV .... from overseas to New Zealand.
You can purchase a cheap brand new TV + DVD (player) for about $300.
But you could bring a all region DVD player that runs on NZ power 230 Volts, as the local (region 4) DVD shops around Auckland is like looking at the TV guide.

New Zealand free to air television is 24-7 of rubbish. The news is too early for workers to get home to watch and the late news is on too late when all good workers should be fast asleep getting their mind and body ready for another hard days work the next day.

It is hard to find a station apart from the religious stations now that does not at some time of the day have a program without using the overused F... word in it. I am not sure how these programs end as it quickly turns me off.
On new programs now, they ram the camera into the players face, why I have no idea, maybe they can not afford studios anymore and use the local public toilets as studio so this is why they do not want you to see the background. Not only that, they swap cameras almost faster than you can count. If you look at some of the great (and not so great) Alfred Hitchcock films he never had any of these pitiful features and they are worth watching better the what is on TV at the moment, at least Alfred’s work had a plot to the story.

There is no comedy on TV anymore, well someone makes out that the rubbish from America is funny (apart from programs like “Home Improvement” screened at the moment on program 13) other programs is the most pathetic crap you have ever seen, only the canned laughter finds it funny. I used to visit a New Zealand group the biggest forum for TV viewers it is one very sad group, I saw a list of "top ten" TV programs, there is not one program on the list I would waste my time even thinking of watching. Some of the programs they love watching (NZ made program) shows people bonking in the office, Honestly you need a IQ of less then 50 to enjoy watching that crap on TV, even a lower IQ is better as most programs do not have a plot, as they are playing with food.