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MULTI-MEGABYTE web pages (OBESE WEBSITES) is turning internet cell phones and other WIRELESS connected devices into big money EATER’$ in fact my visitor rate has really fallen off since about mid 2000's when high speed internet & obese websites came. I do not buy mobile internet data anymore as it disappears in flash compared to about ten years, now there is no value for money.

B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) Calculation.
& B.M.R. (Basel Metabolic Rate).

How this calculator came about. When I stopped growing I always thought of my height in foot-inches, since then New Zealand has gone metric, so guess what? There are not many calculators on Internet that works out the B.M.I. from Foot-Inches & Kilograms.

In the line just above the B.M.I. answer is the amount of how much water you should drink per day at normal temperature, of course if it is a real hot day you should drink a lot more.

Also just the basic B.M.R. at this time has been added to give current “Calories per day”

Weight.(in Kilograms)
Height.2 (in metres)

B.M.R Men = 66.47 + (13.75*W) + (5.0*H) - (6.75* A)
B.M.R Women=665.09+(9.56*W)+(1.89*H) - (4.67*A)
W in Kilograms, H in Centimeters, A = years of age.

B.M.R Men = (10*W) + (6.25*H) - (5* A) + 5
B.M.R Women= (10*W) + (6.25*H) - (5* A) - 161
W in Kilograms, H in Centimeters, A = years of age.
Another formula not used here at the moment. `

There is no need to use this B.M.R. part if
you only want to calculate your B.M.I.
Otherwise only enter your age, either Female or Male, Leave the rest.

    B.M.R. calculator, answers come from the B.M.I. data.

 Current “calories per day” used to maintain weight.
That is only a    %
change in diet and or exercise.
Female: = Years of age.  B.M.R.=
        at current weight.
    Male: = Years of age.

Enter one entry for height

1 Inch = 2.54 Centimeters


e.g. 150 to 180 Centimeters. (more or less)
  Enter  = Centimeters.
   or   = Feet = Inches.

Then one entry for weight,

1 Pound = 0.4536 Kg.
1 Kilogram = 2.2 Pounds

then click mouse over
[Answer] button.


   Enter  = Kg.
  or  = Pounds.
  or  = Stone = Pounds.
B.M.I. = Weight/(Height2)
< 18.5 = Underweight.
18.5 to 24.9 = Normal.
25 to 29.9 = Overweight.
> 30 = Obese.

Click mouse over [Reset]
before you use it again

This is how much water you should drink each day. Liters.
  B.M.I.   =       
  Weight lose needed from Overweight or Obese
  getting to Normal or Overweight.

Lose Kg.
Lose Pounds.
Lose Stone Pounds.

The numbers above will indicate how much weight
lose is needed to get down into the next category.

From the height given to the calculator, the figures below give a weight range for normal, overweight & minimum obese weight.

 Now this leaves just one more thing, you  
  could measure your waist circumference
  for maximum health advantage.

  <90 cm of woman, (<35.5 inches)

  <100 cm for men, (<39.4 inches)

Normal B.M.I. range = 18.5 – 25

Overweight B.M.I. range = 25 – 30

Obese B.M.I. ≥ 30

Kilograms Kilograms Kilograms
Pounds Pounds Pounds
Stone Pounds – Stone Pounds Stone Pounds – Stone Pounds Stone Pounds

More importantly than B.M.I. “Why are we living in a age when cancer and diabetics is going rampant?”

You might like to read my article on nutrition information at http://www.dubdubdub.net.nz/vague/nutritioninformation.html

Some weight losing tips.

Hint: Some years ago I was weighing myself many times per day, like just before going to work and just after walking home, I put the results into a spreadsheet. As you can imagine, one could not get a diet plan from this ?activity? hobby. But one thing was very clear the most reliable consistent figure from day to day, was the reading taken first thing in the morning just after getting out of bed.

The most effective diet plan I found is apart from not eating between meals, is to eat just enough to be hungry before the next meal or reduce your meal size slightly smaller portion of meal each week, and as your stomach shrinks you get less craving for food (it could be that you stomach shrinks better when you are younger, but I have not tried it for many years). It does work I have lost weight in the past putting up with a little hunger pain for a hour or so before my next meal, you just need to be strong minded, and not get into snacks, when normally you would eat the meal not because you are hungry but because it is meal time. Early 2016 my best diet was taking (simple) carbohydrates out of my meals, but make sure you replace it with more proton.

Chilled water (maybe better with ice in it) helps reduce hunger pains.

I almost forgot, if you go for a long walk, the weight lose might not go from the weighing scales until the second day, of course providing you do not do anything in the mean time to spoil it, then it might show up a few days later.

Some people are more efficient at getting nutrition from their food, like me. I blame it on my mother that must of ate better as she got more government child support for each child she had during the baby boomer years. So as for me I put on weight as soon as I look at it, unlike some people who can eat a horse each meal and not get fat like my youngest sister.

One of New Zealand's MP's used to be obese-obese before he had a operation, and went on to be prime minister.

Now I have said all of that, it could be that VO2 measurement for over weight could be superior to the B.M.I. system. Right now who knows? Say no more.

Since you are so interested in your health, Something worth reading?

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