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(Are you sick of reading USA books only using the other mg/dL units?)
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Last time I had a blood test to check my cholesterol it was almost a total pass, that is without using drugs (statins) Drugs do not fix the problem, they just shift it somewhere else, the nurse sent me two page information sheet to lower cholesterol, there was nothing on the sheet I am doing wrong! Are you the same?

One thing I do know when I make a absolute NO to anything I think has refined sugar in it I can get a very good pass on Triglyceride the best so far is 1.1 mmol/L. Sugar has a evil affect on the body it is shoved into just about every manufactured food out there to make us eat more, it has made me take all boxed cereal off my shopping list. My thinking is if manufactures want to make us eat more using refined sugar DO NOT BUY IT! Stop the manufacturing dictatorship to make us fatter.

One has to eat something, There are food that does not have refined sugar in it, you just have to hunt for it at the supermarket or think “inside the square”, what did they eat up until before the 20th century!?

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Triglyceride 1mmol/L= 88.57mg/dL
New Zealand target:
Triglyceride <2.0 mmol/L
Cholesterol 1mmol/L= 38.66mg/dL
NZ target: H.D.L. >1.0 mmol/L

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HDL or LDL 1mmol/L= 38.66mg/dL
NZ target: L.D.L. <3.4 mmol/L
Metric (mmol/dL)

Cuurent New Zealand targets:
Total Cholesterol.<5.0 mmol/L
Cholesterol Ratio <4.5 mmol/L
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