Massively under-finished, (a quick start of what is to come).

Someone has to do this, since I have not found the best answer for cholesterol yet, why not start the ball rolling. Unfortunately I have never been to medical school, so you might have to take this web-page with a “grain of salt” (just make sure that is healthy non-toxic salt and not the toxic refined & processed salt A.K.A. (Also Known As) “Table salt” every person and their dog sells in any food selling shop. <more>

Getting back the cholesterol issue. I have a bone to pick with the medical practitioner system along with other players in the system. In 2000 (for nice round figures) I was put on statin (cholesterol lowing medication (drugs) I was told it would be for the rest of my life, I was not told “The dosage of the statins is dependent on your diet”, which I think my GP (doctor) could of said to the benefit of my health. I took these drugs for about 10 years without complaint then during that time the government changed the statins to some cheaper version, for a while I paid the extra money and got the real stuff. Then I had to pay of other things & went onto the cheaper statins, but found I can only take the rubbish for about a month before giving up as if the body is trying to tell me something <more>

As a Australian naturopath says “Drugs do not fix anything, they just move the problem somewhere else” <more>

Inflammation & cholesterol

Hints to make before a blood test

Go to you library and what else to read.