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Food for thought on Food.

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Why is everyone out to wreck our health!

Lets just start with lunch bars, I like them they are my favorite, absolutely no customer loyalty at all. You support their business by being a regular customer and how do they appreciate you, they bump the price up to get more from you from less sales. But then that was not my plan to start this web page, so lets just get back on track.

As I said above, I have had my ups and downs with blood pressure. So when we look at our pH chart we should notice that brown rice has a higher pH (more alkaline) to white rice (more acidic), and so to favor a better chance of keeping lower blood pressure one should go for brown rice. But then I try and stay away from rice as I do not see much fiber that comes with it. This comment does not only apply to lunch bars but also many other shops into providing fast food. Everywhere you see white rice, white rice that is all you see at fast food outlets white rice where is the brown rice? Is there a hidden law somewhere that stops the sale of brown rice at fast food outlets? Thank goodness I am not a rice person or it would drive me nuts. In fact that reminds me, some year ago I gave up butter or margarine (of course now it does not matter now as I have given up on bread) but back I noticed on some table spread there was no difference between the taste of say a peanut butter or cheese sandwich that had butter on it or no butter, jam and honey sandwich tasted a bit strange but you can get used of it just leave it for a week or so then try it again, it will work and it did work for me. Another interesting point is maybe 2005 or so I noticed age spots appearing on my hand, that was the time I gave up using margarine now they have all gone and I see in a book I got from the library said much about the same thing for getting rid of age spots on your hands.

(more to come)