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Food for thought on Nutrition Information.

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How much dribble can you get into Nutrition Information printed on food packets. This started when I was at a local supermarket, a lady next to me picked up a almost complete meal replacement for her husband to take to work for his lunch, then said something like “I am not sure about this with the sugar content in it.” Then I said unknowingly at the time “I am sure it comes from the fruit not from refined sugar” Later that week I sent an email to the food manufacturer about their nutrition information suggesting that maybe the sugar content in the nutrition information put someone off buying their product, then adding I am sure it would be a good idea if you printed next to the nutrition information “No sugar additives has been added to this product” They wrote back saying something like they are just complying with regulations.
While I have not been diagnosed with cancer, I am sure it is safer buying a product that might have higher natural sugar in it than reduced amount of added refined sugar. It seems to be almost every food item not sold as raw fruit or vegetable has got either Fat, Salt, Sugar or some other food preservative added to it, most often to make the food they manufacturer taste palatable, I am beginning to think the problem is worse than I first thought. In fact while I have been getting this page together I have been hunting for boxed breakfast serial that does not contain refind sugar, it looks like they have all flogged their rubbish off the market for me, I am sick of looking. Early 2014, I killed off my sweet tooth to stop or delay my chance of getting diabetes that runs in the family, Two years on I do not miss my sweet tooth not only that, this has reflected back as better cholesterol results in my blood test.. I have been told cancer thrives on sugar (and a acidic environment) is this why cancer is going rampant today? so I think .....

..... “Why jump the queue on getting your name higher on the waiting list for some type of cancer or becoming a diabetic by loading your diet up with superfluous toxic (refined) sugar?”

The above story is my only motivation for wasting my time putting this page on my website. The view folder was selected as I do not have any qualifications to back up what I have said at this web page. So I have to be very careful not to put up any wrong information, I am just going by what information I have been taught one way or another with a opinion. Of course do we need sugar in our hot drinks? When I was a young lad I weaned myself off 2 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, by reducing it by ¼ of a tea spoon each week over 2 months, it tasted a little noticeable but tolerable at the start of each week, after a few days the taste was back to normal. I just thought 7 days was a good cycle. It seems the only way we can get superfluous refined sugar out of manufactured food is if we all say no to purchasing that product! Hoping when WE buy something WE can quickly realize that the sugar content in the product WE are about to buy is better to have natural sugar in that product and is not loaded with refined sugar that might turn a rubbish product into something that WE will keep on buying only because it taste a bit better, and wreck our health in the process. By the way, some years ago on television news, they gave a warning not to feed potato chips to seagulls as it is not doing their health any good. I think if potato chip manufacturers made chips eatable for humans there would be a great spin off for seagulls. I will never lose sleep feeding chips to seagulls, I am not eating potato chips, and I am certainly not going to feed the rats at the city dump if I can help it.

Of course the only other thing left to worry about is, as it seems manufactured food is one big worry. So we can get maximum nutrition out of fruit & vegetables, first farmers have to get the Nutrition into fruit & vegetables, but it has to start with the correct nutrient rich soil. Does anybody do a snap “nutrition information” check on fruit and vegetables to make sure we are not getting mislead by cheap farmers? Judging by the misguided nutrition information list printed on manufactured food, I would think the answer is no!

Nutrition Information


Is this simple (bad) carbohydrates or complex carbohydrates? Or do we have to give everyone lessons on how to quickly tell the difference? And how can you tell the difference when it is locked up in the packaging before you buy it?

So let us just have a quick lesson, if you do not think it is fruit, vegetable, beans or legumes, then it is bad or simple carbohydrates.

Dietary Fibre

As I said in the FAT category or section the body does not need  carbohydrates, It was brought to my attention by a Australian naturopath Mid January 2016 that the aim of Dr. Atkins diet plan removes carbohydrates from the diet, but you need to replace it with protein, so that is what I did removing bread from my shopping list and replacing it with more mixed vegetables as protein, and lost 10kg over a month you could say it was a win-win-win and my GP loves it, as there is one less obese person walking around Auckland. So now I try to only eat carbohydrates if it has a strong dietary fibre content or better still complex carbohydrates.


Now the body needs every day HEALTHY FATS, FIBRE & PROTEIN.


The question: Is this a fat that kills or a fat that heals?

I was interested to read a 96 page document “God’s Healing Way” by Dr. Mary Ann McNeilus M.D. to avoid copyright buy the book or go and Google then download it and read page 17 in the “HOW TO AVOID SUN INJURY” section, then when we see someone with sunburn we will know what kind of fats they eat and if they get skin cancer that would be the sad proof. It is strange GP’s do not remind us of this from time to time every time they do a cholesterol check. www.anym.org/pdf/health/Gods_Healing_Way.pdf

On one box of high fiber food I purchased for breakfast it only named Saturated fats, then gave the Total fats was over 6 times the amount. So my guess is bad fats out number good fats by more than 5:1. Since the nutrient information will not tell us the good, we can more likely read in the bad ... say more about that product!
Of course I have to ask why are the regulations so loose, does anybody care about improvements to really benefit our health (with the possibility to save money in the health care system) or is it just made to look like high tech dribble?

Sodium (Salt)

It seems to be if we do not have any salt or have a salt overdose we get high blood pressure, but that might only apply to toxic salt.
But is this toxic salt or real salt? Toxic salt is salt that just about every person and their dog sells, processed salt or table salt. On the label it has iodine added, but if any person uses table salt to get their quoter of daily salt they are strange, it has been said the iodine evaporates out of it as soon as you open the lid. Look on internet to so what less destructive food will give iodine or eat some dried seaweed.


Then there is something else that needs be be considered. It appears that for potassium to be absorbed into the body better it needs to be taken with food containing salt.

So was this salt added just to make rubbish food taste good or help the body get better absorption benefit on other nutrition that comes in the same box.


It seems we have the technology that can put a man into outer space but it is totally impossible to print near the nutrition information label “THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN SUGAR ADDITIVES

Personally I do not have an issue with natural sugar, as it is more likely to come with fruit that provides more goodness than harm, unlike what is written in books about refined sugar.

Of course it beats me why a breakfast cereal manufacture would want to put brown sugar (or any refined sugar for that matter) into their product it must tastes like real rubbish without the added refined sugar or is there something else very strange going on? Otherwise why not leave that choice up to the breakfast cereal user?

Trans-fats (Ugly fats)

=Partly Hydrogenated Oil.
=Hydrogenated Oil.

(not so bad fats are Saturated Fats.)


pH reference?

It seems to be, recently I found these comments on a website.
“High blood pressure CANNOT occur when the body is alkaline!”


I was lucky I got to my GP in time. (maybe 2006?) My doctor told me I had high blood pressure even when I was walking 2*40 minutes 5 times a week and gave me drugs to lower blood pressure. I did get it from the chemist but never took any. As I knew my blood pressure was normal a year or so before, I knew what I had added to my diet to push my blood pressure up, as soon as I took it off my daily purchase while walking into work my blood pressure started to drop, it took a month of very small diet change and extra exercise to get my blood pressure low enough before my GP said he was happy.

A few years later (with another GP) and still walking the same 10 times 40 minutes a work day, I went for an all fruit meals at work eating many different fruits, a few months later I went to my GP, he took my blood pressure, then he quickly pulled out his stethoscope and listened to the sound of my heart and said “You have the lowest blood pressure for your age group.” (Which is old enough not to say.)

As I look at a pH food chart freely available from the internet. When I had high blood pressure my diet was more biased in the acid side of the pH chart. Now I have better blood pressure my diet is where it should be, in the Alkaline side of the pH chart. Most information says 80% of our food should come from the alkaline side of the pH chart. (One pH chart says as much as 95%)

Glycemic Index

Not to be confused with GL Glycemic Load. It could be that eating food with lower “Glycemic Index” could be the answer to getting lower natural cholesterol without using drugs (statins).[cm]

Replaced Nutrition

It seems to be that food companies take natural food, strip out the good nutrients, sabotage it, then put back the nutrition they first took out. No doubt the replacement nutrition would not be as good as the original nutrition.

Nutrition Information available to read in Lunch Shops?

The government seems so keen to make it law to have this partly misguiding nutrition information printed on food packs, why is it not available to be read at lunch bars etc, so we can be misguided even more (or something)? It does not need to be printed on every single item sold, just available to be seen if requested, or just a ingredient list at the least.


Latest information:
It seems there is a manufacture out there that can print on the front of their bag, Harraways http://www.harraways.co.nz Rolled Oaks has “NO ADDED SUGAR” printed on it. On the Nutritional Information table it says there is 0.8 grams of sugar per 100 grams of rolled oaks. Very strange how other food manufacturers can not do the same?


Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Dr. Uno Erasmus (nutrition)
Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal. By Dr Rosemary Stanton (Readers Digest)
Pure White & Deadly by Dr. John Yudkin
Self Heal By Design by Barbara O'Neil
Sugar Blues By William Duffy
Sweet poison by David Gillespie
[cm]The Great Cholesterol Myth. by Dr. Jonny Boweden PhD (nutrition) Dr. Stephen Sinatra M.D.
The Statin Damage Crisis by Dr. Duane Gravelin
Find a pH food chart, there is a couple available free on internet.

Why is everyone out to wreck our health! or page 2

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